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850nm Heat-resistant Interference Filters to solve the problem of Temperature-drift of spectrum[2012-05-09]
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Longpass Filters (2 Total)
Cold Mirror, IR Longpass Filter
High transmission of IR light, and high reflection of visible light.
Very sharp slope of the curve, T=50%~T=90% @ 10nm
800NM and 825nm IR Longpass Filter, cold mirrors
High transmission of IR light, and high reflection of visible light, with coating layers on single glass substrate.
Cutoff all visible light before 780nm to reduce the image noise for image systems.
380nm, 395nm UV Longpass Filter
High blocked rate in UV spectrum, VIS AR coatings available to reach T>98% @ 400-700nm
Transparent filter, can be bonded with other filters for vary application.
Golden Yellow Color UV blocking Glass-UV Filters
Yellow color or said more like golden, color glass, absorbing the UV light while transmit visible and NIR light. Thickness at least 2mm to ensure the deep blocked rate
NIR Acrylic Filters
Acrylics, a kind of plastic made of PMMA
Light weight, high NIR light transmission and deep visible light blocked
Dark IR Glass Filter
No coatings on the surfaces, perfectly used for protective glass of NIR imaging systems.
Different start points of transmission for various applications.
NIR Red Color Glass Filters
Different start points of transmission for vary application, including but not limited to, biomedical scan systems, NIR video surveillance cameras and other NIR optical imaging systems.
Mid IR and Far IR AR coatings
AR coatings on the IR glass substrate for reach a high transmission of a specific Mid IR or Far IR range.
Bandpass coatings are also available on the special IR materials.


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