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¡¤Megapixel Low Distortion Board Lens is going to be developed.[2012-06-22]
¡¤Angular Shift of Optical Thin Films, problem of Angle of Incidence to an optical filter[2012-05-09]
¡¤850nm Heat-resistant Interference Filters to solve the problem of Temperature-drift of spectrum[2012-05-09]
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AR Coatings<
Anti-reflection (AR) coatings are designed to reduce the reflection rate on the surfaces of optical glass or filters, in the hope to reach a higher transmission.
Cover Glass with Broadband Coating for Surveillance Camera<
Broadband AR Coating for Day/Night video surveillance camera, used as protective lens in front of the camera lens, can increase the transmission by at least 6%, improving the image quality for day/night surveillance.
Broadband AR Coating for 400-700nm R<0.5%<
Broadband AR Coating will reduce the veiling glare and virtual image generated by the secondary reflection, to increase the clearness of image.

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