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¡¤Megapixel Low Distortion Board Lens is going to be developed.[2012-06-22]
¡¤Angular Shift of Optical Thin Films, problem of Angle of Incidence to an optical filter[2012-05-09]
¡¤850nm Heat-resistant Interference Filters to solve the problem of Temperature-drift of spectrum[2012-05-09]
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Color Glass Filters (2 Total)
Neutral Density Filters, ND Filters<
ND Filters, is a type of grey or dark grey glass filter, which function is to reduce the transmission rate of the optical intensity in full spectrum, with no change to color balance.
Polarizing Filters, CPL Filters<
Circular Polarizing Filters, usually called CPL Filters, is a light grey bonded glass filter, which is a very helpful component for image systems with functions to remove the polarizing lights from non-metallic sufaces, such as to recover the natrual color contrast, removing reflecting lights from water, glass or green leaves.

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