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¡¤Megapixel Low Distortion Board Lens is going to be developed.[2012-06-22]
¡¤Angular Shift of Optical Thin Films, problem of Angle of Incidence to an optical filter[2012-05-09]
¡¤850nm Heat-resistant Interference Filters to solve the problem of Temperature-drift of spectrum[2012-05-09]
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Endoscope optical Couplers (2 Total)
Soakable Endoscope Optical Adpaters<
From 2009, the full series of our new soakable endoscope Adapters have come out with best image quality and more comfortable appearance. All products supplied by LenOpTec come with one year guarantee for maintenance.
18-35MM Endoscope Zoom Couplers<
18-35mm Endoscope Zoom Adapter, is with 18-35mm varifocal length for most applications. High resolution and compatible with C or CS mount cameras.

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