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H5mm C/CS Adapter Ring
H5mm C/CS adapter ring is a connector for the use to connect the C mount lens to the CS mount camera.
CS-M12x0.5mm Mount Adapter
CS-M12x0.5mm adapter is a connector for the use to connect the M12x0.5mm board lens to the CS mount camera. And M12-CS adapter rings is to connect CS lens to M12 cameras.
C-CS Adapter Rings, Lens Extension Rings
C-CS Rings to adjust the Back Focal Length of an objective lens to fit the specified cameras, in the hope to make the precise focal point on the image sensor to get the clear image quality. 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm rings for option.
Height 2.5mm M12 Extension Rings
M12 Extension Ring is placed between lens and holder to fix the lens in a specific position where the lens reach the correct Focusing Point. Aluminum material selected to avoid the deformation with a high work temperature.
Diameter 14 Mount to CS Mount Adapter, Converter
D14-CS Lens Mount Adapter, is a converter to connect the Dia.14 lens to a CS mount camera.
M12 Extension Rings, Metal M12 Rings
M12 Extension Rings, placed between a M12 Lens and a Lens Holder, to help fix the lens in a precised place when it reaches the expected focusing point.
Optical Filter Mounts
Optical Filter Mounts is one set of mechanical parts to hold the specific optical filters, then to to be screwed onto the Machine Vision or SLR lenses.
Board Lens Holders
Lens Holder is an adapter to connect the lens to camera boards.
Vary dimensions of board lens holders for different applications.
Customized dimensions are available for production.
M12x0.5 Board Lens Holders
M12 Lens Holders, made of plastic materials, are used to mount the M12 lens onto camera PCBs. Different sizes or types of holders for choice or customization to meet the specific application.
Customized M12 Lens Holders
Lens holders are very customized products for different cameras or lenses. Our customers' special requirements for the expected holders can be well satisfied.
Low height PC Fiber M12 Lens Holder
PC + Glass Fiber M12 Lens Holder, compared PC Holder, has better strength and temperature resistant functions.
M12 Board Lens Holder 02
M12 small Lens Holder, made of plastic materials, for the lenses mounted in the camera boards, with different heights and distance of screw holes to meet the applications required.
M12x0.5 Metal Lens Holder
M12x0.5 metal lens hoders are made of Zinc Alloy by die-casting procession, specially used for high work temperature environment.
Optical Achromatic Lens
chromatic lens is designed to limit the effects of chromatic and spherical abberation. It is corrected to bring two wavelengths(typically red and blue) into focus in the same plane. Achromatic lenses can be doublets or triplets, with two or three individual glasses cemented together.
Optical Double Concave Lens
Double-concave lens, also named bi-concave or symmetric-concave lens, with two concave surfaces with identical radii, is used to diverge the collimated incident light and is best to use with the divergent incident light.
Optical Double Convex Lens
ouble-convex lens, a special kind of positive lens, also called biconvex lens, is used to converge incident light to a spot (focal point) on the axis. It can form both real images and virtual images(for magnifier) on the two sides.
Optical Meniscus Lens
Meniscus lens, also called convex-concave lens, can be either positive or negative, depending on the relative curvatures of the two surfaces.
Optical Plano Concave Lens
Plano-concave lens, one of negative lenses, is used to diverge the collimated incident beam.
Optical Plano Convex Lens
Plano-convex lens, also called positive lens, is used to converge incident light to a spot on the axis, at a certain distance behind the lens, which is knowed as focal length.


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