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808nm Interference Filter, 808nm Laser bandpass Filter
T>85% @ CWL=808nm, +/-3nm
Tave<1% @ 400-1100nm
Customized, from 2x2mm to Dia. 75mm, +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:
Clear aperture:
>90% or full surface coatings
vary customized, such as B270, BK7, crystal or sodalime glass etc.
- Special design for 808nm LED or Semiconductor application
- Reflective mirror with high transmission for 808nm laser light.
808nm FWHM=24nm Interference Filter, is specially designed for the devices with 808nm semiconductor light source, with high transmission at T>85% and deep blocking rate at OD<2.
It is a reflective mirror with single substrate with standard thickness at 0.55mm.
Applications are various, such as laser night vision device, 808nm laser measuring detector and other optical devices with 808nm semiconductor.
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