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3.6mm F2.2 1/3" Megapixels M12 Board lens
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3.6mm F2.2 1/3" Megapixels M12 Board lens

This 3.6mm 3 megapixels M12 lens is newly developed for small cameras with 1/3" high resolution CMOS sensors, up to 3 megapixels, with the clear image quality for full screen display, Made of all glass and metal for rough environment applications.


Model No.
Focal Length
Relative Aperture
Sensor Size
Flange Back Focal Length
Diagonal Angle of View
106° for 1/3"
79.5° for 1/4"
Min. Operation Distance
Mount Size
M12 x 0.5
Optical Distortion
<-20% in the edges
Metal and Glass
Optical Filters (optional)
IR Cutoff Filters or other filter for choice

More and more applications are requiring higher resolution for better image functions, to help the systems reach the expected performance. Lenoptec are trying to develop the cost-effective optical products to help our customers' project reach the success. 
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