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M12 Board Lens Holder 02



M12x0.5 Board Lens Holders, are plastic components, such ABS, PA or PVC for the M12 lenses to be mounted onto camera PCBs. According to lenses with different mechanical dimensions or back focal length, different specification of lens holders can be selected or customized.

LenOpTec lens holders are produced by moulds, with good suface treatments by removing all blurrs and sharp edges. All materials are with RoHS compliance.

Based on the specific lens and camera's mechanical structure, a customized holder can be designed and developed to meet the best application.

LenOpTec has been developing different types of M12 Lens Holders for various applicatons. Based on customer's special applications or devices, we are trying to offer the integrated optical solutions, not only to control the costs for different parts, but also to reach the best performance for the project. Not all products will be shown on the website, also, some special devices will require customized dimension of mechanical structure to help the device reach a most compact appearance. So if you have any other requirements, please contact us anytime. We will reply your inquiry in 24 hours in work days.
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