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M12x0.5 Metal Lens Holder


Metal lens holder  

M12x0.5 Metal Lens Holders, are normally made of Zinc Alloy for board lenses and to be mounted on camera PCBs, which operation temperature is over 120íŠ. According to lenses with different mechanical dimensions and back focal length, various lens holders can be selected or customized.

Metal lens holders are mainly produced by die-casting for volume production, with black appearance by anodizing treatment. All the metal materials are with RoHS compliance.

Based on the specific lens and camera's mechanical structure, a customized holder can be designed and developed to meet the best application.

M12x0.5 metal lens holder
M12 Metal Lens holder  

This sample type of Metal Lens Holder is with lower height and 22mm screw distance to be compatible with shorter Back Focal Length of lenses.

Dimensions or Specifications of a lens Holder are various, which shall be determined by specific lenses. For specific expected holders, please ask our servers.

M12 Metal Lens holder drawing



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