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850nm Day Night Filter or 850nm IR Filter

Centre Wavelength(CWL):
850nm, and visible light range
FWHM(50% point):
850+/-20nm or +/-30nm
T>85% at CWL=850nm, and 400-680nm.
customized, from 2x2mm to Dia. 110mm, +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:
Clear aperture:
>90%, or full surface coatings
vary customized, such as B270, BK7, sodalime glass etc.

850nm Day Night Filter is a common filter used for day night imaging systems, usually for CCD sensor, which is sensitive for a wide spectrum for image forming. This filters allow the full visible light transmit in the daytime to form a color image, and transmit the 850nm NIR light at night while 850nm LED light source power on, to form a black and white image. As this filter block most of NIR light except the 850+/-20nm or +/-30nm range, the color image in the daytime can be clearer.
Application: day night surveillance camera, biomedical identification, video door phone, video roll machine, digital telescope optical systems etc.

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