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850nm Narrow Bandpass Filter, Interference Filter

Centre Wavelength(CWL):
850nm, +/-3nm
FWHM(50% point):
6nm, 10nm, 20nm, 30nm, 40nm, 60nm, 100nm
Tave>85% @ 850nm
customized, from 2x2mm to Dia. 110mm, +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:
Clear aperture:
>90%, or full surface coatings
vary customized, such as B270, BK7, crystal, float or sodalime glass etc.
compatibly used with 850nm LED or Laser light source
Different bandwidth designed for vary application
Ion source assisted coating to reach a heat resistance, such as 70 C-degree, small temperature drift.
850nm Narrow Bandpass Filter compatibly used with 850nm LED light or laser light source, which the image sensor only requires a small bandwidth of the 850nm NIR light to for the black and white image. The 850nm bandpass filter is commonly used in NIR imaging system to eliminate the influence of surrounding background light, including the visible and NIR light. This filter is to increase the signal/noise ratio of the imager. The applications include video surveillance, visual telephone, visual doorbell, digital telescope and other imaging systems. LenOpTec develops a wide series of narrow bandpass filters for customers’ special applications, with different CWL and bandwidth. By our best cost-effective control, most customized filters can be fulfilled.

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