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Dark IR Glass Filter

T>86% @ NIR light spectrum
Tave<=1% @ 400-700nm
Customized, any size and shapes
Surface quality:
Clear aperture:
Full clear or with protective bevel
Dark color NIR Glass
No coatings on the surfaces, perfectly used for protective glass of NIR imaging systems
Different start points of transmission for various applications, including but not limited to, biomedical scan systems, NIR video surveillance cameras and other NIR optical imaging systems.

Dark NIR Glass Filter is of dark color NIR glass, which transmits the NIR light, but absorbs the visible light. With no coatings on the surfaces, it is perfectly used for IR protective glass in front of NIR imaging systems, or as a visible light reduction filter putted in front the LED light source. Compared to NIR acrylic filter, glass itself is with strong scratch and high temperature resistance for the best use in various rough environment. NIR glass usually requires the thickness at least 2mm in order to reach a deep blocking rate of visible lightrange.





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