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Heat Blocking Filters-UV IR Cutoff Coatings

Tave>90% @ 400-700nm, T=50% @ 720nm
Tave<1% @ 750-2500nm
Customized, from 2x2mm to Dia. 110mm, +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:
Clear aperture:
>90% or full surface coatings
Fused silica or crystal glass etc.
High transmission in VIS range, and deep blocked rate in NIR spectrum; with single or multi-layer AR coatings, the transmission can reach 97% or above.
Commonly used for color cameras or other heat-blocking systems. With UV-IR cutoff coatings on heat-resistance crystal substrate, it is perfect as a heat blocking filter.
Heat Blocking Filter, a type of UV-IR cutoff coatings on heat-resistance substrate, such as fused silica or crystal glass, which only transmit the expected VIS light, is widely used for equipments requiring heat blocked or resistance. Such as xenon or halogen lamps, which emit a wide spectrum of light with high temperatures. With fused silica or crystal glass substrate, the filters can not only blocking all the UV and IR light heat, but also can work at a high temperature no more than 350 C-degree.  

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