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650nm UV-IR Cutoff Filters

Tave>90% @ 400-635nm, T=50% @ 650nm
Tave<1% @ 700-1100nm
Customized, from 2x2mm to Dia. 110mm, +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:
Clear aperture:
>90% or full surface coatings
vary customized, such as B270, BK7, crystal or sodalime glass etc.
High transmission in VIS range, and deep blocked rate in NIR spectrum; with single or multi-layer AR coatings, the transmission can reach 97% or above.
Widely used for color optical systems which only requires the visible light to form image.
IR cutoff filter, blocking the IR light while high transmit the VIS light, is a standard or basic component for VIS based equipments, to avoid the noise or interference caused by the unneeded IR light. Applications are vary, including but not limited to, industrial cameras, digital cameras, telescope, video surveillance cameras, biomedical scan systems, medical equipments, video phones and other systems working with VIS light.

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