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Broadband AR Coating for 400-700nm R<0.5%
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AR Coatings
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AR Coatings

1. Single point AR coatings:
Typical centre wavelength:AR@355nm,AR@475nm,AR@532NM,AR@650NM, AR@808NM, AR@850NM, AR@940NM, AR@1064NM, AR@1310nm, AR@1550nm
2. Bandpass AR coatings:
Type wavelength: ?AR@300nm~400nm R<0.5%, ?AR@420NM~680NM R<1.0%,
AR@400NM~1100NM R<2%, AR@1200NM~1700NM R<0.3%
Anti-reflection (AR) coatings are designed to reduce the reflection rate on the surfaces of optical glass or filters, in the hope to reach a higher transmission. LenOpTec? offers the services for Anti-reflection coatings on vary substrates, for optical lens, glass, or filters. One surface AR coatings can reach 95% transmission and double surface AR coatings reach 98% or above transmission.

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