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RGB Aluminum plus dielectric High reflective Coatings, Aluminum Mirrors
High Reflective Dielectric Mirror
Broadband Dielectric Mirror 400-700nm, R97.5%
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RGB Aluminum plus dielectric High reflective Coatings, Aluminum Mirrors

This type of RGB Aluminum mirrors is with aluminum coatings on the optical plane glass, then secondary with dielectric coatings on the filter to make the Reflection reach 97% or higher, specially for Red, Green or Blue spectrum areas. Large size coatings are available for the production.
Applications include stage laser equipment, laser barcode scanner, photocopier, laser printer, RGB projector or rear-projection TV etc, which require high reflection of red, green and/or blue laser light.
Advanced features:
1. Aluminum mirrors with dielectric coatings plus to reach the higher Reflection rate at 97%.
2. Strict quality control during the production to ensure a long term steady performance.
3. Easy cleaning based on the strong adhesive coatings
4. Optical grade float glass reach 60/40 surface quality.
Red Mirror: 632nm, 650nm, 670nm R>97%
Green Mirror: 532nm R>97%
Blue Mirror: 457nm, 473nm, 495nm R>97%
Product description:
  1. High reflective coatings made on the front surface, rear surface is of no coatings
  2. High accurate sputter aluminum coatings with dielectric intensity coatings plus to reach a steady coating performance.
  3. Electrostatic prevention film pasted on the filter to protect the coatings before use.
  4. Standard size available: 813x1270mm, 610 x 737mm,407 x 635mm,356x356mm
  5. Standard thickness available: 0.55mm,0.70mm,1.0mm,1.1mm,1.25mm,3.0mm
Features test:
  1. Work environment: at relative humidity (RH) 95%, temperature 50 C-degree, for 24 hours, no coatings falloff or split up. High reflection rate remained.
  2. Scratch resistance test: Use a steel ball packed by cotton gauze with 0.5kg strength to frict the mirror coating surface 200 times. No visible scratch, compatible with the 60/40 surface quality.
Corrosion-resistant test: Put the filters in the testing box containing frog with 5% salt molecule, at the temperature of 35 C-degree for 24 hours. No change of the filters.

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