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635+/-15nm Laser Semiconductor Filters, Laser Interference Filters





T>90% @ 635nm+/-3nm


Rave>99.8% @ 400-1100nm


customized, from 2x2mm to Dia. 110mm, +/-0.1mm



Surface quality:


Clear aperture:

>90%, or full surface coatings


vary customized, such as B270, BK7, crystal, float or sodalime glass etc.

Higher transmission less than Tave>=90% as well as the sharp curve.

Designed for 635nm laser semiconductor devices.


635nm Interference Filters, usually called 635nm Laser Filters, are specially used for 635nm laser semicondutor, which applications include Barcode Scanner, Laser Measurement Device, Red Laser Range Finder or Fingerprint Identification Systems etc.

This Narrow bandwidth light is not used for image forming systems, but only required for the detective sensor to get the expected laser beam, while to block all the other noise light as more as possible.

LenOpTec develop this special filter, with higher transmission no less than 90% @ 635nm point and the sharp curve, to ensure the sensor detecting more requiring light, which can be met the requirement of a long distance detecting device.

Metal ring with various sizes are available to be compatible with existed devices.

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